about the show


aileen lawlor

Aileen Lawlor discovered an enthusiasm toward the Flow and Spinning Arts six years ago, delving into the practice of poi, contact staff, and FlowWand.  Her exploration with these objects encouraged her studies of dance in San Francisco.  She has performed and taught all throughout the United States.  In addition to performance, Aileen continues acting in feature and indie films throughout the Bay Area.  For more info, visit www.firesmoothie.com.

bliss butterfly

Dance has always been a force in her life, and in 2002 she began learning the elements of expression through bellydance isolation from Amy Sigil. In 2004 her friend, fellow bellydancer and artist Alixandra Mullins handed her fire fans under the full moon and a spark of light ignited a new passion in fire art. Integrating fans into bellydance quickly unfolded as the making of fire poi, hoop, staff and double staff unveiled the creativity that each could offer through dance. Bliss has been featured in several online tech blogs and the Vulcan Video series in the Contact Staff and soon to be released Fire Fan Technique DVD. For more information about dance offerings and workshops find her at www.blissbutterfly.com

khan wong

Poi was the gateway for Khan, and led to his exploration of contact juggling, hoop and clubs — all tools in the dance with flow.  Hoop is his main instrument, however, and in the years since he began he has taught workshops on hooping technique at national hoop gatherings and has performed at a number of venues and in a variety of contexts.  In addition to gigs and shows produced by other people, he pursues his own projects including the Flow Show (produced at CounterPULSE in 2009 and 2010) and Cosmology (writer/producer/performer / at CounterPULSE in 2006).  His primary calling in all of this is not the teaching and performing, but the continued exploration of flow.

theo jerdes

Theo entered the world of performance art in 2002 while living in Southern Oregon.  He took his martial arts background and blended it with poi and single staff work.  Theo continues to be inspired by the martial arts and it can be seen in his performances today.  Since then, Theo has added double staffs, ropes, fans, hula hoops, buugeng, and contact juggling to his repertoire.  He is an artist, instructor, and performer who participated in the 2004 Portland conclave at Burning Man; and performed with Flamebuoyant productions in the Pacific Norwest including the Oregon State Fair, and as an opener for the Beastie Boys. He is now proud to be part of the fire arts community in the SF Bay Area.  

The show features video projections created by robb pope who has created work for such artists as Tool and Paul Oakenfold, and set pieces created by Flowtoys.

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